Gift of Life Donor Program

Gift of Life Donor Program

Suburban Community Hospital is participating in the 2020 Donor Challenge, if you are interested in becoming an donor, please go to

About Gift of Life Donor Program (GOL)

Gift of Life Donor Program is the non-profit, federally-designated organ procurement organization, serving 11.2 million people in Delaware, southern New Jersey and the eastern half of Pennsylvania. Thanks to its compassionate community, for the past 11 years, Gift of Life has coordinated the most life-saving organs for transplant in the United States. Its annual donation rate ranks among the highest in the world. Since 1974, Gift of Life has coordinated more than 47,000 life-saving organs for transplant, and approximately one million tissue transplants have resulted from the generosity of donors and their families. One organ donor can save the lives of up to eight people, and a tissue donor can improve the lives of more than 75 others. For more information or to register, visit

Mission Statement and Core Values

At Gift of Life, we have one overarching mission: to save lives.

Gift of Life 2020 Donor Dash Event Update

Gift of Life Donor Program’s 25th annual Donor Dash, scheduled for Sunday, April 19, is being postponed in accordance with recommendations for large gatherings by the Philadelphia Department of Health.

We join everyone in hoping that COVID-19 will soon be contained, and in wanting to do everything we can to support this. Our thoughts are with you, your family and our community.

If you have any questions, please contact