Resident Life

Resident Life

Diversity is probably one of the best ways to describe resident life.

Suburban Community Hospital provides a heterogeneous mix of patients from economic and cultural backgrounds across the scale, and gives residents an opportunity to expand their clinical and professional skills.

The area also offers residents a diverse choice of living experiences. Norristown and its surrounding suburbs have many historic neighborhoods. Comfortable and affordable housing is available in the area or surrounding suburbs.

The area also has many lush parks and friendly recreational sites to renew the spirits, popular historical landmarks to explore, hundreds of tempting, first-class restaurants to nourish the mind and the body and many of the best museums and cultural venues in the country.

The area is a short drive to center city Philadelphia, New York City, Washington, D.C, ski slopes and hiking trails in the Pocono Mountains and the sunny beaches of New Jersey or Delaware shore among other destinations.

Visit Norristown Borough’s website,, for more information on this unique area.

The residents, across all programs work together to provide the Norristown community with exceptional healthcare.