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Patient Testimonials & Success Stories

We know that patients have many options when selecting a hospital, and we are truly grateful
to every patient who choses Suburban Community Hospital for their healthcare needs. We are committed to providing each patient with high-quality, compassionate care and ensuring that they are informed and engaged in their own healthcare journey.

Every patient's story and outcome is their own. Here, we share some of their stories on how our team has impacted them and, often, how they have impacted our team.


Our patient experience coordinator recently received a call from the wife of a patient that was in our ICU. She stated " thank you so much for the care your staff had given to my husband. Your team saved his life. His situation was very scary for our family, and for several days we did not think he would make it. We were all very emotional, but the ICU medical team fought extremely hard to keep him alive. Your medical team did everything they could to save him, and it worked! My family and I are beyond grateful for the amazing medical care given. We can not thank the Suburban team for their frequent communications with our family. We never were worried about his care or felt left in the dark." The patient is doing well and continuing his recovery at home. Her gratitude was so genuine and heartwarming to hear. We have passed along to our staff, which she was very happy about!

~ICU Patients Wife~

On June 3rd, a patient walked into our Emergency Department with mild symptoms of COVID-19. He was admitted to the hospital and unfortunately his condition deteriorated. He was placed in our ICU and intubated. For many weeks, our clinical team was not sure he was going to make it. Our clinical team fought hard and the patient fought too. He was eventually successfully extubated and began a long road to recovery. He was discharged from our hospital on October 5th4 months later.

The patient and his family have a long road ahead as the patient fully recovers from this illness, but the gratitude that they felt for our hospital and for our clinical team specifically, was beyond words.

On the day of the patient’s discharge, many of our hospital staff gathered in our front lobby to cheer for the patient and his wife as they left. It was truly one of the most beautiful moments that I have ever witnessed.

~Kristen Piano, Suburban Community Hospital~

Recently, two patients inquired about our Tobacco Treatment Program and in particular, the woman who runs the program. They expressed how the program helped them quit smoking, and it has been 5 years since their last cigarette. They said "we never would have been able to quit smoking without her help and the help of the program that she runs. The women of the Tobacco Treatment Program did a wonderful job with counseling us and providing education. She made a difference in our lives. " They added " your Echo Tech, who also worked with us was calm and kind, and this helped us so much!"

~Two Patients, Tobacco Treatment Program~

In December, a patient came into the Radiology Department for a shoulder X-Ray and one of our employees, Jameel, noticed when checking in the patient that she had a mammogram the month before, and was requested to come back for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound, as there was an abnormality found on her first mammogram.

Jameel offered to see if the mammogram and ultrasound techs could fit the patient in while she was here, which they did. The patient was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer and thanks to Jameel’s dedication, the patient was immediately diagnosed, biopsied and is undergoing treatment for her disease. The patient’s husband said, “due to Jameel’s attention to detail, we were able to find the cancer and get my wife into treatment. I am thankful to have my wife with me for Christmas.”

~Patient's Husband, Radiology Department~

So often we only ever hear about the bad stuff or the faults of something that is taking place in our community, but it is important to acknowledge the good.

Recently, I went to a couple of places and signed-up to receive my COVID-19 vaccine, however the one place I was scheduled with called me the day before my appointment and said, “ you do not meet the criteria”. Another place I had an appointment with told me the day of my arrival that I wasn’t on the list!!! I was beside myself with frustration on what previously happened, as I was trying to find another place to get vaccinated. Finally, I stumbled upon Suburban Community Hospital and connected with their registration department. Fortunately, I was able to get an appointment and start the vaccination process.

While I am aware that many are hesitant to receive the vaccination, that was not my fear. I was more concerned that this big of an undertaking would be disorganized and poorly managed. I worried about waiting in long lines, lost registrations, not enough staffing, etc. I am very happy to say that I was wrong!

The process was well-organized, ran smoothly, and took less than 30 minutes (including the mandatory 15-minute observation post vaccination). The staff was extremely helpful, upbeat and proactive. The enthusiasm and professionalism of those involved was palpable.

I am happy to say my experience from the security guard, check-in, volunteers, waiting area, nurses, and even the selfie-station was phenomenal!! I cannot thank them enough!! My heart truly goes out to them for all the hard work they put into making my experience exceptional.

Lastly, and most importantly, if you are getting vaccinated, make sure to thank the people you encounter. This is a big undertaking, and they are doing all that they can to make it a stress-free, positive experience for everyone.

~Jay. P., Vaccine Clinic, Opening Day~

Suburban Community Hospital received about 500 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and in order to help our staff as well as the community, the hospital offered some of the available vaccine doses to the family members of our employees and also to members of our community. Through the hard work of our staff,, we were able to initiate the vaccine clinic over a three-week period and administer both first and second doses to 500 individuals – both family and community members.

The vaccine clinic was streamlined and flawless in its execution, with many hospital employees volunteering their time, as well as retired nurses within the community that excitedly and willingly came to offer their assistance. The smiles and words of gratitude and appreciation were expressed on both sides, from the volunteers to the individuals receiving the vaccine.

We have received phone calls from community members expressing their immense gratitude to the hospital for helping them slow the spread of COVID-19 and helping people recover from the pandemic. Many have told me how excited they are to see family and friends that they have not visited with in close to a year. In a time when we have all unfortunately witnessed a great divide within our nation, I witnessed our community come together and I could not have been prouder of our community hospital.

~Kristen Piano – SCPA_PX Hospital Story 3.12.21~

My husband and I would like to thank Suburban Community Hospital for providing the opportunity for us to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

As seniors, we were having great difficulty gaining access to the vaccine in the area where we live. So when our daughter, Kristen Piano, called to tell us that your hospital was allowing their staff to invite qualified family members to receive the vaccine, we were more than excited and appreciative to participate.

We would also like to commend the hospital staff on a job very well done. The organization of the event was exceptional. The staff was friendly, professional and efficient. We felt so welcome. Several staff actually thanked us for coming. We even enjoyed taking a selfie to share with our family.

Thank you again and kudos to the hospital for a job well done!

~ Patients Carol and Paul W.~

Good Day,

I am emailing to recognize Nurse Ellen, Dr. Chernyak ( Anesthesia), Carl, and staff. Ira needed a good teeth cleaning and some fillings, which is more complex than it sounds.

First, I must say that Nurse Ellen is so phenomenal that I can only use the word, “paramount”. My son is a 38-year-old Down’s guy and has PTSD from being hospitalized for two months with Acute Respiratory Failure. Nurse Ellen was so kind and supportive, she was redirecting Ira’s fear on sight. Her energy and understanding were crazy amazing and so welcoming. I am just in awe of her professionalism and being able to work so well with Ira.

Carl is fantastic! He was so kind and always ready to do whatever it took to calm Ira and help. He is a sweet man with a ton of knowledge in and out of the OR.

Dr. Chernyak is all professional. My Ira had heart and lung issues that make him fragile when needing general anesthesia. I have to say, at first, I was not sure if this is right for us, but Dr. Chernyak was making sure the I’s were dotted and T’s were properly crossed. I must say, my son has never gone to sleep that easy and woken up that calm. I was in disbelief that Ira was not screaming and fighting upon coming out of anesthesia. We are home and happy and I am still in disbelief at how easy Ira came out of his induced slumber. I saw the softer side of Dr. Chernyak with his interaction with Ira when he woke. This doctor absolutely knows his stuff and if we have to come back for this again, I would want this same team.

This is a very good hospital with great staff- from the nurse (Lisa, Karen, & Ellen), to Pre-Op, to the registration gentleman, to the OR staff, who all work as a well experienced team.

Thank you to ALL who had a hand in my son’s successful procedure.

With Warmest Regards,

~Laura B - honored to be Ira P. Mom~

Suburban Community Hospital recently had a patient that was in the hospital for over a month due to complications with placement. Liz, who is one of our echo techs, was assisting with finding placements. Liz was finishing her shift and going to stop on her way home at Wawa to grab breakfast. The patient mentioned to her that she was tired of eating the same breakfast for so long. So Liz, the kindhearted person that she is, drove to Wawa after her long shift, and instead of just getting herself breakfast and going home, she picked up breakfast for the patient as well, and drove back to our hospital to give it to her. Liz could have easily just went home, but instead went above and beyond and showed true kindness for one of our patients!

~Patient experience-Employee Spotlight~

Dawn, ED Nurse and Monica, Registration

On Friday, July 2, my son dislocated his shoulder and was in a lot of pain. Earlier, we tried a local urgent care but were not helped. We ended up going to Suburban Community Hospital’s Emergency Department, and from the start you all were so nice and helpful. Dawn, ER Nurse, got my son to the back quickly, and the security guard directed me to Monica in Registration. Monica was so nice, efficient, and compassionate. Dawn was wonderful as well with my son. She continuously updated me on his care and was knowledgeable and understanding. My son can’t thank you enough for your wonderful care and compassion."

Best Kate & Shane

~ED Patient Shane and Mother Kate~