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physician in smocks, and mask

Schedule an Exam

Note: Before contacting our imaging department, please collect all required information listed on our scheduling checklist (below).

Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: 8:00 AM- 6:00 PM

Thursday and Friday: 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Sunday: Closed

Scheduling Checklist for Imaging Services

Before contacting us, please have the following ready:*

  1. A script from your physician ordering the test
  2. The ICD-10 code if required
  3. The pre-certification number if required (PET and PET/CT studies require these)
  4. Type of study
  5. Type of insurance
  6. Referring physician
  7. If scheduling CT or MRI, the study also needs to indicate “with or without contrast”

*We cannot schedule an appointment without this information.

To schedule an appointment call (215) PA-PRIME/ (215) 727-7463

*If at any point your symptoms worsen or you feel like you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.