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Healthcare Security and Safety Week

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  • Written By: Michelle Aliprantis, MBA Regional Director of Business Development, Marketing and Communications
Healthcare Security and Safety Week

Healthcare Security and Safety Week

October 11th- 17th 

The theme for Healthcare Security and Safety Week 2020 is "Heroes in Security and Safety" and recognizes the importance of security and safety in healthcare. The observance also acknowledges the strong commitment, diligence and care officers display in their practice and profession.

Security and safety at Suburban Community Hospital is a comprehensive service that consists of twelve employees, who help maintain a safe and secure workplace, providing anyone who enters the hospital with peace of mind.

The team is responsible for ensuring the security and safety of the hospital facility, personnel, patients, and public. The security team consists of hard-working, highly trained individuals who are often the hospital's first responders. These individuals deter crime, lead evacuations, work closely with local law enforcement, and are constantly vigilant in their efforts to keep us safe.

“The main role of security at Suburban Community Hospital is to prevent and handle any disturbance or breach in security, so that the hospital functioning can go on smoothly and without any disturbance,” said Elliott Guffey Security Manager & Emergency Management Coordinator, Suburban Community Hospital.

Each morning, Elliott reviews emails and security reports before joining the daily huddle. During this discussion, which takes place five days a week, Suburban Community Hospital leaders identify and determine critical issues to support the needs of the patients and staff. From there, Elliott works with his team to keep the entire hospital updated and on track with safety as the driving force. During the COVID-19 crisis when cases were on the rise, safety and security was ever more heightened, requiring action on multiple fronts.

“We had multiple security officers involved in safety and emergency preparedness. Our team has done and continues to do incredible work on the frontlines as well as behind the scenes during this pandemic, and has done so with courage, empathy and grace,” said Guffey.

The hospital’s security officers are on the frontlines working in many locations around the hospital, including the emergency department, main entrances, and parking lots, working to keep everyone safe. Security is working side-by-side with clinical teams in high-risk areas, employing de-escalation skills and interventions to ensure safe patient care and management. They have been interacting with patients and ensuring their safe arrival and departure from the hospital and preforming COVID-19 screenings of anyone who enters the building.

The security officers are all placed through tactical verbal and defensive training's. Members of the team also bring experience from outside roles such as corrections, law enforcement, emergency services, and the military.

“This crisis has shown, and reminds us daily, that we work as a team and that everyone plays a key role in supporting the Suburban Community Hospital mission. These men and women keep us safe daily. I’m thankful we have such a great staff that does its best to support all normal and pandemic operations,” Guffey noted.

The security team includes individuals who bring many skills from the outside world and every member strives to better themselves so they may also better the environment they work in.

“Patients and their families come to Suburban Community Hospital because we do absolutely everything in our power to provide them with a safe and comfortable environment. I am proud of our security team because we are a small department with a total of twelve security officers who are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year protecting anyone who enters our hospital,” Guffey added.