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Frequently Asked Questions

What set’s your program apart from other Family Medicine Residencies?

The family atmosphere of collegiality and respect for each other sets our program apart from other residences. We also offer an emphasis on Pediatrics at our residency clinic.

How long has your program been established?

Our program is one of the oldest osteopathic family medicine residencies in the country. The program was started at Suburban General Hospital, in the early 70’s by Dr. Arnold Sokol. In 2005 the program merged with PCOM to create the residency as it stands today.

How many resident positions are there?

We are approved for 16 positions and funded for 12, making us a 4-4-4 program.

Is the program unopposed?

No. Suburban Community Hospital has residencies in Internal Medicine, and a Transitional Internship.

Does your program offer positions outside of the Match?

No. Positions are only offered through the NMS or NRMP Match Program.

Should one of the three required letters of recommendation be submitted by the Chairman of Medicine?

A Chairman’s letter is not required, but is acceptable. We prefer that your recommendations be submitted by physicians who are well acquainted with you and your medical education experiences, and who can provide knowledgeable references for you.

Must I wait until all documents are available before submitting my application to your program through ERAS?

Applications often arrive from ERAS incomplete, but the Committee waits until applications are complete before reviewing them. DO NOT EXPECT an immediate response after submitting your application. It may not be reviewed until a later date. You will be contacted if the committee wishes to schedule an interview.

What dose interview day look like?

Interview day begins at 9:00 am with an overview of the program and ends at approximately 2:00 pm with a tour of the residency continuity clinic. Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to meet the Program Director, Assistant Program Director, Residents and Interns.

What are the intern/resident call responsibilities? Intern call responsibilities:

As interns all of calls are taken in-house. Call responsibilities are shared with all of the interns from all programs. During the week we have a short call and long call system; short call is 5pm-8pm and long call is 5pm - 10pm. During the weekend, interns take night call, this is from 7 pm to 7 am the next day. Interns are responsible for admitting all of the patients to the general medical floor, telemetry, and cardiopulmonary unit. Interns are also the first line for any floor calls which include nursing concerns that a patient needs higher level of care, following up on lab values, changing medications, and speaking with the family/other physicians. Interns are supported by upper year residents who are in house as well for the entirety of the call.

Family Medicine Resident responsibilities:

Second and third year residents take call for our residency run clinic. Every night a different resident is on pager call from 5 pm until 8 am the next day. If anyone from our clinic calls in after hours they will be connected to the resident on pager call. Pager call ends up being about once a week.

Are residents permitted to complete an outside elective?

Yes, residents are permitted to complete one outside elective per year in their 2nd and 3rd years.

Are there opportunities for teaching?

Yes! Suburban Family Medicine at Norristown (the residency continuity clinic) is a core family medicine and pediatric rotation site for Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) and Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM). You will have the opportunity to work with and teach these students as they complete their rotation with us. The hospital also is a core site for PCOM and LECOM for several rotations, so you will find there is ample opportunity to teach the upcoming generation of physicians. You will also be considered junior faculty at PCOM and assist in teaching their in PCS course.

How much vacation will I have?

In the first year there are 2 w

eeks of vacation, one of which is taken over the winter holidays. In the 2nd and 3rd year you receive 3 weeks of vacation, one of which is taken over the winter holidays.

Where have recent graduates gone onto practice?

Our most recent graduating class has accepted positions in and around the Philadelphia area in private practice and urgent care centers. Several of our past graduates have stayed with SCH including Jessica Mayer, DO, and Mary Beth Merlini Vitucci, DO, who are preceptors at the continuity clinic. We have also had graduates who have gone onto fellowships in sports medicine, neuromusculoskeletal medicine, and dermatology.

What patient population do the residents serve at Suburban Family Medicine at Norristown?

A large portion of our population are the underserved and Hispanic/Latino population of Norristown.

Is moonlighting allowed?

Yes. Moonlighting is allowed in your 2nd year with prior approval from the Program Director and Director of Medicine Education.

Whom can I contact for more information?

Jessica Mayer, DO
Program Director
PCOM/Suburban Community Hospital Family Medicine Residency
2701 DeKalb Pike, Suite 202
Norristown, PA 19401
Bianca Davies
Program Coordinator